"The Unscripted Three" is based on a Zendrum drum improvisation over a 5/8 click. I added piano and bass next and then decided on trumpet (played on the LinnStrument) with other worldly effects added to the trumpet sound courtesy of plugins from Moog's Moogerfooger set of effects. I took this photo at a llama farm in Virginia several years ago and I did not pose the llamas (not that anyone can really pose llamas). I am not sure what they had planned but I did survive the encounter.

Music For Unintentionally Prepared Piano started as a piano recording using a great, tiny, and portable stereo microphone called Instamic. At around 2:12 into the first piece, I noticed a strange jangly sound on the lower strings. Without stopping, I looked into the piano and say a lego piece on top of the strings. I ended up using the lego piece to alter the sound of the strings at various registers. Ordinarily, use of a "prepared piano" is intentional - but not in this case.

"Falling Objects Ahead" is a demo for Orange Tree Samples Evolution 10 String Chapman Stick sample library. It is an interesting experience playing a Chapman Stick library on the LinnStrument since the layout of the LinnStrument is similar (but not the same) as the Stick. 

"Memories of Water" is a series of solo pieces on the Dragonfly DF10A nylon string acoustic guitar recorded while looking out at the ocean at Bethany Beach, Delaware.

"Magnetic" is a series of pieces about attraction and repulsion between people, things, ideas in the soup of information we all live in. The pieces were recorded using a stereo microphone mounted in the Dragonfly DF10A Nylon String Acoustic Guitar.

Live Recording - December 3, 2022 at Clear Skies Meadery, Gaithersburg, Maryland

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