Jeremy Cubert has not been thinking about music since 1973. He has thoughtlessly recorded and/or played with Quest, Zapotec, Archaic Revival, Apothecary, Formativ, Iconic Sky, The Secret Martyr’s Club, and Alan Scott on keyboards, Chapman Stick and other instruments. 

Born in Pennsylvania in 1966, Jeremy started classical piano lessons at the age of seven. With the influence of his brother Dan and cousin Mark, Jeremy began to explore jazz and improvisation as a teenager. Improvisation gave way to the influence of progressive rock bands Emerson, Lake & Palmer, King Crimson, and Yes. Jeremy played in various bands such as The History of Ties, Zapotec, The Archaic Revival with a focus on all original instrumental music focused on traditional keyboards instruments (piano, organ, lead synthesizer). Jeremy recorded his first solo album, “From A To B” in 2000 featuring guitarist Bill Curtis, violinist Anna Koropchak, bassist Mike Galway, and drummer Chris Mack (Iluvatar). The album featured atmospheric and driving jazz fusion laden with hints of progressive and classic rock. 

In the mid-90’s Jeremy co-founded the progressive rock group “Brave New World” featuring Tom Kraus (Iluvatar) on guitar/vocals, Rick Norris (bass, 12-string guitar), and Marc Schlossberg (drums). The quartet performed at Orion Studios in Baltimore with memorable live recordings. 

Jeremy would later join Bill Curtis, Anna Koropchak, and Mike Galway in Zapotec and The Archaic Revival. The group performed and recorded in the Washington, DC area in the early 2000’s culminating in two performance at the famed jazz club, Blues Alley with percussionist Victor Williams (John McLaughlin). Zapotec and The Archaic Revival approached the electric and acoustic sides of Mahavishnu Orchestra styled jazz fusion with a classical influence. After Curtis left the area, Cubert, Koropchak and Galway joined up with drumming veteran Gary Venable in the band Apothecary. At this point, Jeremy had taken his first serious dive into a new instrument – the Chapman Stick. Apothecary released three albums – their self-titled debut, “Not Just Loud” and “That’s What You Get For Talking” with an eclectic brew of jazz, rock, classical and world music and performs in the Washington, DC area. 

Encouraged by his progress on the Chapman Stick, Jeremy began playing the Zendrum after being inspired by Roy “Futureman” Wooten (Bela Fleck and the Flecktones.) and his drumitar. Jeremy spent years honing his skills on the Zendrum to the point where he felt he could provide drum and percussion parts for his solo recordings. The Zendrum can be worn like a guitar and has touch sensitive pads to fine control over drum sounds. 

In 2012, Jeremy co-founded the international progressive rock band Fomativ with John Beagley (UK), Tom Kraus (US), and Ron Wahle (Netherlands). Formativ’s debut album was well received and features the eighteen minute epic “Aetas Suite” tracing the life of a person from beginning to end. The piece features three improvised piano movements representing different stages of life. 

Jeremy’s journey into new instruments continued after he saw Roger Linn, inventor of the drum machine, demonstrate his new expressive electronic instrument, LinnStrument, at MoogFest in Asheville, NC. Jeremy befriended Roger and had the opportunity to perform on the LinnStrument at the House of Lords in London and on the Chapman Stick in Bristol, England for BBC Music day. Jeremy has also demonstrated the LinnStrument at the NAMM show in Anaheim and is a featured player on Roger Linn’s LinnStrument website and YouTube channel. The LinnStrument was designed to bring a high level of expressivity to electronic and sample based instruments and features eight rows of twenty five square pads that respond to velocity, pressure, up and down and side to side movements. 

In 2017, Jeremy and his brother Dan (Grammy and Emmy award winning musician and audio engineer) released the album Secret Martyr’s Club, a progressive rock, politically conscious album with influences including Pink Floyd, Yes, and the Beatles. The album features vocals by Mark McCrite (Rocket Scientists), John Beagley (Life in Digital), and Robin Schell (Life In Digital). 

Over the years, Jeremy has recorded numerous songs and albums released on his Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages including improvised duets projects with Anna Koropchak, Gary Venable, Mike Galway, and Tom Kraus. 

In addition to recording and performing with Apothecary, Jeremy performs solo Chapman Stick in the DC area and plays keyboards with the Alan Scott Band.